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Texas AFL-CIO Trains Activists

The Texas AFL-CIO Political Conference continued on December 3, 2005. Legislative Director Walter Hinojosa called attention to the fact that the Deputy Sheriff's Association of Bexar County brought 9 people. he brought Hector M Garcia Delgado , PAC Chairman, up for special honor.

The group of union activists got down to serious study in the thick notebooks provided. Hinojosa explained the many charts and tables that give a picture of Texas politics in 2006. There is no longer a majority of Anglos in the State of Texas. Texans are getting older on average, but not as quickly as the rest of the nation. We are also getting poorer: Average household income is expected to go down.

The major factor for falling income, Hinojosa pointed out, is "Good jobs are going away." The data supplied by Steve Murdock, Texas State Data Center, seems to imply that growing poverty will be caused by continued educational disadvantage in Texas. Hinojosa said: "This is what happens if the Republican leadership wins the battle over school finance, and we don't put any more money into education."

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Candidate Shane Sklar asked the group for help in his future campaign. Nolene Sykora of Waco joined him for this photo.







A fine group of USW 746L members from Tyler posed with President Emmett Sheppard in this photo.




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