The idea is to get active with North Texas progressive events & groups

Dallas Labor News Updates North Texans 2/27/15

Why Did More than 2/3 of Texans Fail to Vote? 11/6/14

Why are Wages Falling? 9/10/14

Labor Day Brings Opportunities for Labor/Community Coalition Work 8/12/14

Unity Sounds Easy, but It Isn't! 8/7/14

Restraining Order from Walmart Attorneys and Judge Posted 6/6/14

Fair Trade Fight Succeeds, Fight A.L.E.C. Next! 3/16/14

Dallas Schools Threatened with Takeover 3/13/14

Celebrate International Women's Day March 8 3/6/14

March & Rally for Fair Trade -- Oppose the TPP! 12/29/14

Dallas Labor Surges Forward on Human Rights Day 12/10/13

Join Walmart Fight in Balch Springs on "Black Friday" -- Nov 29 11/27/13

Join Jobs with Justice Meeting -- Get In On the Ground Floor! 11/12/13

Jobs with Justice Meeting Builds Progressive Coalition in North Texas 10/24/13

More Things that Must be Done 10/18/13

UAW Members Find Community Allies 9/27/13

We're Set to Go on Labor Day Activities 8/29/13

1963 March Commemorated in North Texas 8/29/13

Women's Rights Celebrated, Demanded! 8/29/13

Labor Day Plans Made -- Your Help Needed! 8/22/13

Prepare for A Great Labor Day! 8/15/13

Let's Make Labor Day the Best Ever! 8/5/13

Texas Activists Have Advice for the Labor Movement 7/12/13

Dallas Rallies for Women 7/12/13

Dallas Union Wins Clear Victory on Hot School Bus Issue 7/12/13

Lessons Learned from "Restore the Fourth." 7/6/13

American Labor Passionately Wants to Include YOU! 7/4/13

Please Help Keep Jobs with Justice in Texas 6/27/13

Join the List of Endorsers for Walmart Workers' Rights! 6/27/13

Walmart Seeks Sympathy by Suing 6/19/13

Celebrate Juneteenth -- and Keep Up the Fight! 6/17/13

Join the Labor Movement Through Constituency Groups 6/17/13

"Nuns on the Bus" for Immigration Reform Visits Dallas 6/8/13

More Walmart Employees and Customers Leafleted! 6/7/13

We Rally for Walmart Workers, and Plan more for June 7! 6/2/13

Activists Gather for Walmart Employee Support 5/25/13

Latinos Demand Immigration Reform! 5/5/13

May 1st ,Then and Now, Celebrated in Dallas 5/2/13

Mayday to be Celebrated in Dallas 4/27/13

WalMart Workers Participate in National Day of Action 4/26/13

Postal Workers Turn Out for Saturday Delivery 3/25/13

If You Want Effective Action, Join us Wednesday, March 13 3/7/13

North Texas Celebrates Black History Month 2/25/13

Amalgamated Transit Union Needs Help 2/23/13

Why Are We Divided? 2/13/13

What North Texas Needs Is a Giant March 2/5/13

Fight Cutbacks! Fight Austerity in America! 12/20/12

Let's Change the Way We Organize in 2013! 12/20/12

Meeting 10/14/12 on Austerity Fight and Helping Organize WalMart 11/11/12

Texas AFL-CIO Leader to Speak in Grand Prairie November 8 11/4/12

Auto Workers Unions Gather in Grand Prairie 10/6/12

TAKE ACTION! Find Out How to Help WalMart and Others at Meeting Oct 9 10/4/12

WalMart Employees Rally in Dallas 9/22/12

Romney's Policies Protested in Dallas 9/18/12

Coca Cola Workers in Fort Worth Fight for Representation 9/15/12

Please Attend 9/12/12 meeting 9/10/12

Labor Day Weekend Off to a Great Start 9/1/12

Workers Fight Possible Plant Shutdown in Grand Prairie 8/24/12

Protesters Gather at Verizon Store 8/15/12

Verizon Workers Fight for Health Care and Pensions 7/27/12

Solidarity Moved Forward in North Texas 7/1/12

Join us for "Solidarity Night" to help Ongoing North Texas Workers' Struggles 6/22/12

Judge Rules For American Airlines Management, Against Workers 6/21/12

Walmart Employees and Ironworkers Find that Solidarity Is Growing in North Texas 5/27/12

Stand with the Workers at Upcoming Events 5/17/12

Solidarity Grows with American Airlines Employees 4/24/12

Some Fair Trade Actions Set, others Underway 4/20/12

Tax Day Sees Protests of Bankers and Congressional Budget Slashers 4/18/12

Jobs with Justice for Fair Trade, Organizing, and Celebrating Labor History 4/13/12

"Fair Trade Not Free Trade" Campaign Launches Wednesday 4/11/12 4/8/12

Progressive Christians Send the Right Messages on Good Friday 4/8/12

March April 6 and Several Times Afterward 4/5/12

"Free Trade Agreement" Negotiators Coming to Dallas 4/2/12

Join the Fight for Voter Rights! 4/1/12

Window Opens 3/30/12 for Vote by Mail 3/24/12

"Save Our Health Care Benefits!" 3/22/12

Many, Many More Actions Coming Up! 3/15/12

Songfest Succeeds 2/27/12

Could We Kill Each Others' Bosses? 2/24/12

Dallas Teachers Fight the Good Fight 2/24/12

Protest American Airlines Bankruptcy! 2/14/12

Help Plan the Fight for Rights! 2/5/12

Songfest Coming Up 12/11/12

Let's Go Strongly into 2012! 12/9/12

The Best Thing We Can Do Is March on Saturday 11/18/11

Don't Let Threats, or Even Evictions, Slow You Down! 11/15/11

Protesters Cleared of Starting Violence, Occupation Merits Our Support 11/12/11

North Texas Postal Workers Take Their Part in the General Workers' Upsurge 11/7/11

Occupy Dallas Is Making it, but Needs Help 11/6/11

Why Was Stephen Benavides Arrested? 11/5/11

Environmental Racism Opposed in Dallas 11/5/11

Actions Already Underway or Being Planned 11/2/11

All Tactics Are Good (BUT...) 10/22/11

Find a Way to Get Your Organization to Participate 10/21/11

Rally Thursday, March Saturday 10/19/11

Invite a Protester to Your Next Meeting 10/16/11

What's Next After Successful Dallas March? 10/15/11

Occupation Forces Stand Strong -- Who Will Stand With Them? 10/15/11

MoveOn Holds Excellent Demonstration at Representative Hensarling's Bank Building Office--More Actions Underway 10/14/11

Rally Saturday with "Occupation Dallas" 10/12/11

Occupy, Lobby, Gather, Demonstrate! 10/11/11

You Can Help Our Youthful Protesters 10/10/11

Actions Pile on Actions -- Come On Down! 10/9/11

Jobs Crisis Wears On -- Still No Government Action 10/8/11

Labor Joins "Occupy America" Movement -- Dallas Group Needs Us! 10/8/11

National Jobs with Justice is Purging Lists -- Great Battles Continue 10/1/11

Union Activities Increase in Number and Quality 10/1/11

"Caring Across Generations" Program Helps with Meeting on the Super Congress 9/30/11

North Texas Gets A Delegate to the AFL-CIO Youth Summit 9/30/11

Super Congress Threatens 9/16/11

Protesters Call for Justice for Commissioner John Wiley Price 9/16/11

North Texans Have Awesome Challenge -- Meet on 2nd Wednesday 9/12/11

Labor History Needs to be Taught 9/9/11

Labor Day Events Went Well 9/8/11

Jobs Vigil Carried Out 9/2/11

Which Way for the Jobs Movement? 8/31/11

Take Action This Week 8/28/11

Oklahoma Laborfest Sets a Standard 8/28/11

Reverend Middleton to Speak at Northaven 8/25/11

Verizon Strike is Off for Now, But Solidarity Actions Continue 8/23/11

Labor's Opportunities and Challenges Multiply 8/19/11

Help Carry out Verizon Support Actions 8/18/11

Commit to Winning the Verizon Strike! 8/12/11

Cancel the August Meeting, There's No Time for Talking! 8/9/11

North Texans Attend National JwJ Conference 8/9/11

Dallas Joins Protests Over Hostage (Debt) Crisis 8/3/11

Why Aren't We Marching on Washington? 8/1/11

Walmart Employees Are Organizing 7/27/11

Fifty North Texans Celebrate Union Culture 7/25/11

First Annual Union Song Revival Almost Ready for July 24 7/19/11

Union Song Revival is Forming Up Nicely 7/8/11

Survey on Unemployment Analyzed 7/8/11

Dallas Vigils Continue to Raise Alarm on Jobs Crisis 7/8/11

Help Plan a Union Song Revival for July 24 6/29/11

Jobs Legislation Defeated 6/28/11

Houston Congresswoman to host "Speakout for Jobs!" 6/23/11

Texas AFL-CIO Holds its Convention in Irving 6/12/11

Jobs with Justice Holds Vigil Against Unemployment 6/3/11

Action June 3 and Beyond 5/31/11

Where Have All the Jobs Gone? 5/26/11

Where's OUR Protests? 5/21/11

Learn a Lot from the AFL-CIO 5/20/11

Jobs Crisis Gets Worse -- Benefits on Chopping Block 5/19/11

Autoworkers Union Plans to Organize 5/15/11

North Texans Tell the Truth on Unemployment 5/6/11

Vigil for Unemployed in Dallas May 6 5/3/11

May 1 and May 5 Celebrated 5/3/11

Activist Promotes T-Shirts on Unemployment 5/3/11

Workers Rights Board Members Make Plans 4/26/11

Christian Activits March for Good Friday 4/22/11

Dallas Labor Endorses Candidates 4/21/11

Everything is Happening! 4/15/11

Unemployed Need Our Help 4/7/11

Texas Marched in Austin on April 6 4/7/11

Protesting Pace Picking Up! 4/2/11

Get April 6th State Wide Demonstration Bus Tickets Now! 3/24/11

Protests Happening Everywhere, Even at Local Schools 3/23/11

Even More Activities Scheduled Leading Up to April 6th 3/20/11

Raging Tempo of Workers' Actions Moves Toward April 6th 3/17/11

Connect with the Rampaging Workers Movement! 3/3/11

Texas Rallies for Public Workers Here and Wisconsin 2/27/11

Wisconsin and the Fightback at Home 2/19/11

Join us 2nd Wednesday, 2/9/11 2/7/11

Help Teachers, State Workers, and Unemployed 1/31/11

Everybody Wants Money (Us Too) 1/31/11

JwJ Continues Fight for MLK's Dream 01/18/11

Action Calendar Posted 01/15/11

"Where Are the Jobs? " Another fine Brad Walker Comic 1/15/11

Protect and Extend Public Jobs! 010711

North Texans Fight Back! 12/3/10

Three Jobs CrisisActions This Week! 11/29/10

New Opportunities to Fight for Workers! 11/8/10

North Texas Jobs Aren't Lost -- They've Just Been Moved! 10/16/10

October 18 Rally -- Next Thing after October 2 10/8/10

Dallas Joins National "Jobs Emergency Action Day" 9/16/10

Let's Get Politically Active with the Labor Movement 9/13/10

Rev. Middleton Shares Labor Day Musings 9/6/10

Even More Activities Scheduled 8/30/10f

We Must Form a Powerful Coalition for the October 2 March on Washington 8/20/10

"Save Social Security" and Other Urgent Campaigns Imminent 8/9/10

Fair Budget Committee May Bring Anti-Cutz Movement Together 8/8/10

Jobs with Justice Plans Moves in Denver 8/8/10

North Texas Needs a Local Plan Against Cuts and for Jobs! 7/25/10

National and Local Jobs with Justice Project Major Plans 7/23/10

Dallas AFL-CIO Calls for Volunteers 7/22/10

Reverend Middleton Sees Important Labor Action in San Francisco 7/21/10

Pete Sessions Wants Your Children 7/23/10

Dallas News Conference Demands Jobs 7/2/10

"Jobs Not War" is a Good Slogan for Peace Movement 7/2/10

Stand with Us for Jobs on Friday, July 2 6/30/10

Green Jobs and Post Office Cuts Featured on KNON's "Workers Beat" 6/21/10

North Texans Plan the Battle Against Jobs Crisis 6/10/10

Reverend Stovall Hosted Reverend Lucius Walker 6/9/10

Please Attend June 9 Meeting on Ending the Jobs Crisis 6/7/10

Activists Leaflet Windpower Convention 5/26/10

Please Help! 5/14/10

JwJ Marches for Immigration Reform 5/2/10

Activist Mourn Workers Killed or Injured 4/28/10

April 28 Action Changed 4/25/10

Sign Up Now, While Scholarships Available, For Detroit Trip 4/16/10

Jobs with Justice Pickets and Leaflets at Bank of America 4/15/10

Action! More Action 4/09/10

Fort Worth Marches for Cesar Chavez Birthday 3/27/10

Dallas AFL-CIO Hosts Jobs Crisis Meeting 3/21/10

Cesar Chavez Celebrations Set 3/21/10

AFL-CIO Supports Health Care Bill 3/19/10

Dallas AFL-CIO Takes Action Against the Jobs Crisis 3/15/10

Action Happening, More Action Coming 2/27/10

Public Hearing Re-Scheduled as Unemployment Crisis Deepens 2/18/10

Videos from Jobs with Justice Activities 2/18/10

Workers Rights Board to Investigate Unemployment Issues 2/7/10

Texas AFL-CIO Discusses the Issues 2/7/10

Facts on Unemployment Revealed 2/7/10

News Conference Called on Jobs Crisis 2/2/10

Activist Brad Walker Creates a Good Petition for North Texans 2/2/10

Reverend James Lawson Visits Dallas for Black History Month 2/2/10

Dallas Labor Body Makes Early Endorsements 1/22/10

Jobs with Justice Joins MLK Parade 1/18/10

Immigrants Hold Rally in Dallas 1/17/10

Join the Fight Against the Jobs Crisis 1/11/10

ATU and low-wage transit riders need help!

Even more in 2010!

Fight the Jobs Crisis!

Activist Calls for Return of Works Progress Administration (WPA) 12/15/09

JwJ and LCLAA Spread Cheer and Turkey Dogs 11/27/09

Lots of Opportunities to Spread Holiday Cheer 11/26/09

Rally for Health Care and the Underemployed November 27! 11/22/09

Workers Rights Board Met November 20 11/22/09

North Texans Join in Austin Rally 11/15/09

Charter Buses Still Have Free Seats for Austin Health Care Rally11/13/09

Buses to Statewide Rally are FREE! 11/8/09

Buses Scheduled for November 14 Statewide Health Care Reform Rally 11/6/09

Everybody to Austin for State Health Reform Rally 10/28/09

Religious Leaders Make Staunch Allies 10/23/09

Health and Honduras, Everything Happening! 10/19/09

What Happens at a Jobs with Justice Meeting? 10/15/09

Ironworkers Need Our Help 10/15/09

Don't Wait to be Called, Join in the Planning 10/12/09

Crunch is ON for Health Care Reform 10/5/09

Activists Focus on Economic Justice 9/25/09

Insurance Company Picketed 9/24/09

Meet the Workers on the Front Lines of Labor's Battle 9/21/09

Rev Dr Joerg Rieger Joins Texas AFL-CIO President Becky Moeller for September 25 Rally 9/18/09

North Texans Join in Fight for Economic Justice for Workers 9/12/09

Print Your Leaflet for September 25 Economic Fightback Event 9/12/09

Health Care Battles Continue 9/11/09

Workers Rights Board Investigates Construction Industry Conditions 9/5/09

Workers are Standing Up, Speaking Out 9/5/09

Labor History Matters 9/4/09

Workers Justice and Economic Fightback in September 9/3/09

Demand Return of Democracy in Honduras 8/26/09

Construction Unions Pull Together 8/18/09

Health Care Reform Activists Holding Their Own 8/17/09

We're Pitching In 8/12/09

Please Come to Jobs with Justice August 12 8/10/09

Gobblelization Blasted at Dallas Discussion 7/29/09

Lots of July Action 25th, 26th, and 3 on the 28th 7/24/09

UAW 218 Votes to End Strike at Bell Helicopter 7/22/09

Texas AFL-CIO Sharpen's Labor's Tools 7/16/09

Retirees Form Solidarity Car Caravan for UAW 218 7/10/09

Activists Demand Senator Hutchinson Support Health Care Reform 7/10/09

Communications Workers Call Health Care Rally 7/10/09

Even More Action Coming 7/7/09

Join us 2nd Wednesday 07/07/09

Tell Congress What You Want on Health Care 6/29/09

Dallas City Workers Rally Against Cuts 6/25/09

Get Informed and Organized for Health Care Reform 6/20/09

Strikers Need Support 6/20/09

City Employees and Supporters to Rally 6/19/09

How Can North Texans Confront the Economic Crisis? 6/11/09

Texas AFL-CIO Sets Golf Tournament 6/11/09

Jobs with Justice Meets June 10 6/9/09

Wal-Mart Workers Are Organizing! 6/3/09

JwJ Pickets for Employee Free Choice Act 5/30/09

Students and Religious Leaders Joining May 29 Action 5/27/09

Join Us for Street Action May 29! 5/20/09

Autoworkers Need Our Help 5/11/09

Union Food Drive May 9, Much Stuff Afterward 5/7/09

Save Communications and Auto Workers -- Save Yourself! 4/22/09

Unions Endorse Candidates for May 9 Elections 4/20/09

Christian Progressive Alliance Holds Good Friday March 04/10/09

Plan More Action April 8! 04/06/09

Cesar Chavez Would be Fighting for the Employee Free Choice Act Today! 03/28/9

United Food and Commercial Workers Kicking Off New Program 03/26/09

Rally Saturday for Right to Organize and Cesar Chavez 03/24/09

Aghast? Or Are you Ready to Do Something about this Crisis? 03/10/09

Let's Get Active on Unemployment and Under-Employment! 3/6/09

KNON Will Celebrate Women 3/5/09

Activists Thank Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson 2/20/09

Tarrant County Labor Stressed Employee Free Choice Act 2/19/09

Get Yourself a Speaker for the Employee Free Choice Act! 02/13/09

We Will Help National Lobbying Effort 02/09/09

Our Side Pushes Hard for Employee Free Choice Act 02/4/09

Dallas MLK March/Parade Had Diverse Participation 01/17/09

Dallas AFL-CIO Starts 2009 01/16/09

Teamsters Take Big Win for Our Side! 01/16/09

Plan for More Action 01/11/09

Pancho Medrano Honored Again 1/10/09

The Fight for Single Payer Health Care is On (Again) 1/7/09

Into the Streets in 2009! 1/6/09